The Company

Offering Precast Building Solutions since 2016

In 2016, Nick Leos saw an opportunity to bring a more evolved precast offering to the New South Wales construction and engineering market.

In addition, Nick was able to draw on more than 25 years of precast concrete experience from a well-established market in Victoria, where he supplied building components to many Tier 1 and Tier 2 builders.

To bring his vision of high-quality products to life, he surrounded himself with a team of highly experienced, talented, and motivated professionals to form Evolution Precast.

Precast concrete elements were soon manufactured at a state-of-the-art factory in Glendenning (NSW), and they were transported to project sites throughout the Greater Sydney region and the Australian Capital Territory.

Providing structural integrity and realising architectural ambition

Since then, Evolution Precast has established a solid track record of providing precast elements to projects of any size and duration, with a wide range of complexity, in various industries.

The company takes pride in being a leader in bespoke solutions, where we collaborate with the client, architects and engineers to create a strong structural solution while also delivering outstanding architectural features.

Evolution Precast initiates expansion from Sydney to Brisbane

After a five-year period of providing excellent project results for its clients, Nash Capital joined Evolution Precast’s shareholding in 2021 as a strategic and operational partner.

Evolution Precast has established representation early 2022 in Brisbane (QLD) to prepare for future supply of bespoke precast elements to the Queensland construction and engineering market.

The company will continue to serve existing and new clients who want to build safer and faster while saving money.

Evolution Precast is a member of

Evolution Precast is a member of the Master Builders Association & National Precast Concrete Association Australia