Evolution Precast genuinely collaborates with clients and their architects and engineers to achieve the project’s aesthetic goals while maintaining structural integrity.

Evolution Precast provides clients with innovative designs that save them time and money. Evolution Precast’s designs ultimately help clients win competitive tenders by providing better value for money to the asset owners. The most cost-effective designs necessitate the production of large and complex elements, and Evolution Precast is one of only a few precasters with the process know-how to manufacture such complex elements reliably.

As of 2022, Evolution Precast will also have at its disposition a brand new European-made mesh making machine, that will automate the production of the steel mesh, key component of the reinforcement for most of our panels. This provides close control and monitoring of the final product that our clients will use for their construction projects.

In addition to self-manufacturing part of our key material input and sourcing materials from multiple Tier 1 suppliers, Evolution Precast has ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and robust processes in place to ensure that our clients’ and our own high product quality standards are consistently met.

Any shape, form, colour or finish that our clients imagine, we make it happen!