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Bondi Pavilion

  • Client / Builder:Buildcorp
  • Architect:Tonkin Zulaikha Greer
  • Location:Bondi, NSW
  • Timing:2021 (9 months)
  • Status:Complete
  • Contract:Supply Only
  • # of precast elements:110
  • Type of elements:Columns; Y columns; beams; stairs; landscape elements

Restoration & Conservation Project

The iconic Bondi Pavilion is being renovated! Buildcorp entrusted Evolution Precast to supply precast concrete columns and beams that would replace the old wooden columns and beams, all with the objective of retaining the heritage character and thereby requiring a product of high architectural quality, structural integrity, and visual enrichment.

This landmark in Sydney’s east was first opened in 1929, and by replacing sensitive elements with more sustainable materials, it will be future proofed for the next century. The restoration and conservation project will result in a revitalised atrium with precast concrete elements and glass, as well as a modern interpretation of post-war Mediterranean architecture with the addition of precast colonnades to the internal courtyard, which will be landscaped and updated for multi-purpose use.

To achieve the unique vision of all parties involved, the columns were manufactured in a complex process involving unique custom-made moulds.