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Marque Business Park

  • Client / Builder:Total Construction
  • Architect:BN Group
  • Location:Matraville, NSW
  • Timing:2018 (3 months)
  • Status:Complete
  • Contract:Supply & Installation
  • # of precast elements:100
  • Type of elements:Walls; columns

The Marque Business Park project entailed the development of six high-end industrial units aimed at a niche market for boutique warehouse facilities. This highly contemporary estate and its uniqueness attract buyers and tenants because it is a technologically advanced asset with a long future. It represents the evolving face of South Sydney’s industrial scene, which serves as a home for Sydney-based businesses that are technology-focused and forward-thinking.

Due to the limited space on and around the site, a precast concrete solution was required, in which large building components were manufactured off-site and installation was efficiently managed with a minimum number of people on-site.

Furthermore, the target clientele who would become tenants of the industrial units required the project to have a precaster capable of delivering a sophisticated end-product. Evolution Precast, a leader in bespoke precast concrete solutions, came to the table and delivered yet another successful outcome.