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1788 Residences

  • Client / Builder:Ultra Building
  • Architect:Bates Smart
  • Location:Double Bay, NSW
  • Timing:2019-20 (4 months)
  • Status:Complete
  • Contract:Supply & Installation
  • # of precast elements:185
  • Type of elements:Brick finish external wall panels; waterproofing joints

1788 Residences exudes contemporary design and a timeless aesthetic. This six-level state-of-the-art building, with double street access, is situated in a prime location where the highest quality in execution and final product is a key criterion that only a few manufacturers would be able to meet. The precast elements were formed and cast with a white Spanish brick laid on the casting bed and poured using white oxide concrete. This gave the building unique residential characteristics that blend perfectly within the direct surroundings of the property.

Evolution Precast was successful in challenging the original design and coming up with a solution that made the building faster, required less work on-site in a congested metropolitan area, and resulted in a more cost-effective and durable product that required minimal maintenance over time.